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Watt: Unit of power; equivalent to one joule per second. 1 watt (W) = 1 volt (V) x 1 amp (A)
Wattage: Amount of electrical power, in watts.
Wave: An oscillation which is propogated from place to place. Related info: Sound waves
Waveform: The shape (form) of a wave, or a representation of this form.
Waveform monitor: An oscilloscope specifically designed to display the waveforms of video signals. Used to monitor signal strength, sync timing, etc. See also: vectorscope
Wavelength: The distance between any point on a wave and the equivalent point on the next phase.
White balance: A camera function which gives a reference to "true white", in order for the camera to interpret all colours correctly. More info: Video camera white balance
White noise: Random noise that contains an equal amount of energy in all frequency bands. More info: White noise, Noise colors
Whizz-pan: A very fast camera pan, usually such that individual frames are severely blurred.
Wide screen: Generally refers to any video aspect ratio greater than 4:3. More info: Aspect ratio, Why go widescreen?
Wideshot (WS): A framing term, meaning a camera shot which shows the whole of the subject. More info: Wide shot, camera shot types
Wild sound: Another name for ambient audio, i.e. the background sound of a film scene. More info: Wild Sound, Ambient Audio
Wipe: A video transition in which parts of one shot are successively replaced by equivalent parts of the next shot. More info: Video wipes
Wow: Wavering of audio reproduction due to speed fluctuations.
Wrap: The end of shooting. This could refer to a single day's shoot or to the entire production phase.
(WS): See Wide-shot.