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Tally Light: A small light on a video camera which turns on when recording is in progress. In multi-camera situations; a light on a camera, or in it's viewfinder, which turns on when the camera is switched on-line or live.
TBC: See Time Base Corrector.
Tele: (Prefix) Producing images or other results from a distance.
Telecast: Material broadcast by television.
Telecine: The process (or equipment used in the process) of transferring film to video and/or television. More Info: Transferring Film to Video
Telephoto: Telephotographic.
Telephotographic Lens: Magnifying lens, or combination of lenses. Related info: Video camera zoom
Teleprompter: Device which scrolls text on a screen, to provide cues for a television/video presenter.
Televise: To transmit by television.
Television: Literally means vision at a distance. The transmission, reception, and reproduction of moving pictures and audio. Refers to both the process in general, and the receiving appliance.
Tele-zoom: Longer zoom, producing greater magnification.
Test Pattern: Pattern of colours, lines and/or shapes designed to assist equipment calibration. More info: Video & television test patterns
Tilt: Vertical camera movement, i.e. adjusting the framing up and down.
Time Base Error: An error in the technical data of a video signal which causes picture distortion. More info: Time Base Errors
Time Base Corrector: A device which adjusts, improves and corrects defects in a video signal. Can be used to synchronise different vision sources before being mixed together, to avoid picture disturbances when cutting from one source to another. More info: Time Base Correctors, Timing video sources
Timecode: An indexing system that assigns a time value to individual frames of a film or video, or sections of an audio file. More info: Timecode
Tone (1): An audio test signal. Used to set signal levels, test signal quality, identify signal pathways, etc. More info: Audio Tone
Tone (2): In music, an interval of two semitones.
Tone (3): Quality of a person's voice, e.g. "The newsreader spoke in an authoritative tone".
Tone (4): Description of an attitude, mood, setting, etc. For example, "The tone of the movie was grim", or "The tone of the article was upbeat".
Transcoding: The process of converting one digital format to another, or re-encoding a digital file in order to change one or more parameters. More info: Transcoding
Transducer: A device which coverts energy from one form into another. For example, a microphone is a transducer which converts acoustical energy into electrical energy. Related info: Microphones
Transistor: A device used for switching or amplifying.
Transition: The way in which two video shots or audio clips are linked together; for example, instant cut, crossfade, wipe, etc. Related info: Video transitions
Transmitter: A device which converts video, audio and/or data signals into modulated radio frequency signals, and transmits them as radio waves.
Tripod: A three-legged stand for mounting equipment such as a camera, etc. More info: Video camera tripods