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S-Video: A video signal that carries luminance (Y, brightness) and chrominance (C, colour) values as physically separate signals. Also known as Y/C video. Usually uses a small four-pin mini-DIN connector. First became popular during the S-VHS/Hi8 era.
Sample: A near-instantaneous recording of a signal, measured in thousandths of a second. Digital signals are constructed by sampling analogue signals thousands of times per second. Each of these individual samples are strung together to make a close approximation of the original signal.
Saturation: The level of colour in a vision signal or still image. A highly-saturated signal has very strong colours.
Scene: In film, television or stage, all the action/shots which take place at a certain time and location and comprise a segment of the program.
SCART: A type of multi-pin connector used in home entertainment systems. More info: SCART Connectors
Scissor Platform: AKA scissor lift, a mechanical work platform which can be raised and lowered. Sometimes used to elevate a camera position. More info: Scissor Platform
SECAM: Systeme Electronique Couleur Avec Memoire. Video standard used primarily by France and various Eastern Bloc countries. Provides 625 horizontal lines at 25 frames per second.
SEG: Special Effects Generator. A device used to create special video effects.
Servo: Remote control of camera functions such as zoom and focus, by means of a motor. Servo controls can be mounted an the lens housing, on the tripod/pedestal handles, or on a remote-control unit.
Setup: The black level of a video signal.
Shot: A continuous piece of video or film footage. Everything you get between pressing "record" and "stop". Related info: Camera shots
Signal Processing Device: Any device which takes a signal input, then modifies the signal before outputting it.
SLR: Single Lens Reflex, a popular type of still photography camera that uses a moveable mirror to synchronize the lens and viewfinder images.More info: SLR Cameras, Types of Camera
SMPTE: (Pronounced "simptee")  Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. A group which has set various video standards.
Snow: Random patterns of black and white dots on a TV screen or vision monitor. Snow can be caused by an improperly tuned television (or very poor reception), an unrecorded video tape, or dirty VCR heads.
Solder: An alloy of tin and lead that melts at a relatively low temperature. Used for securing electrical connections between components and wires. More Info: How to Solder
Sound Reinforcement: The process of amplifying sound for the benefit of a live audience. More Info: Sound Reinforcement Systems
Speaker: See Loudspeaker
Stereo (1): Audio which is split into two channels.
Stereo (2): Duplicate images of the same scene, taken to simulate 3-D human vision. More Info: Stereo
Suspension of Disbelief: The semi-conscious act of allowing yourself to believe a fictitious premise for the sake of enjoying a story. More Info: Suspension of disbelief