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RAM: Random Access Memory. A system of computer memory in which data can be retrieved in any order with equal speed.
RCA (1): The Radio Corporation of America, an American broadcast company.
RCA (2): A small non-locking connector. Typically used in home entertainment systems. More info: RCA connectors, Audio connections
Real Time: Anything which occurs without delay. A real-time effects proccessor will add effects instantly, without having to wait to render.
Red Head: A term loosely used to describe general-purpose tungsten lights in the 800w range. More info: Redhead Lights
Reflector Board: A specially-designed reflective surface which is used as a light source. More info: Reflector board
Resolution: The amount of detail in an image or signal. On a computer screen, the resolution is the number of pixels. In an analogue video signal, the resolution is the number of horizontal lines. In digital audio, the resolution is the number of samples per second.
"Colour resolution" refers to the colour depth of an image, ie. how many colours are present.
More info: Resolution
Reverberation (Reverb): The amount of time it takes an emmitted sound to cease bouncing off objects such as walls. In audio work, adding a reverberation effect gives the sound more body and can make it sound as if it was recorded in a large room, hall, etc. More info: Audio Reverb
Reverse Cut: A video transition in which the camera "crosses the line", resulting in a reversal of perspective for the viewer. This is generally undesirable as it causes confusion. More info: Reverse Cuts
RGB: Red, Green and Blue. The primary colours of video.
Room tone: The background noise of a room. Almost but not quite silent. More info: Room Tone, Ambient Audio
Rule of Thirds: A technique in camera framing where the frame is divided into imaginary sections to create reference points. More info: The rule of thirds
Rushes: Daily raw footage shot during the production of a motion picture (AKA daily rushes or dailies). More Info: Rushes, Dailies